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Recent Developments

A trailer from the northern part of Adamawa State has rammed into twelve cattle and three sheep’s along Jimeta-Yola Bridge at the midnight hours of Saturday. The incident led to the killing of the animals instantly of which many complains about the reckless driving of the heavy trucks especially along the Mubi -Yola Highway. This is not the first time that activities of trailers and other heavy trucks are becoming disturbance to commuters and motorists on highways. Baba John Mboh is an eye witness to the incident, he narrated that the trailer rammed into cattle and sheep around twelve midnight of Saturday. Mallam Abubakar Na’uddu, victim of the incident alongside the rearer Muhammadu Dan’amo are pleading for help from the authorities as they loss belonging. On their parts, Alhaji Bello Ardo, the chairman National Association of Sullabawa awareness of Nigeria and Alhaji Hassan Ali Soja, the vice chairman Tabbital Pulaku Njonde Jam foundation in Adamawa State decry non-provision of cattle routes and reckless driving of heavy trucks vehicle hence the need to intimate government over the ugly scenario. The victim who’s their cattle and sheep has been destroyed as a result of the incident are expecting assistance from the Adamawa Government and well to do individuals in the state and beyond. The Federal Road Safety Corps, Adamawa State command has reported the death of eighty people as a result of road crashes. Sector Commander, Mr. Utten Boyi disclosed this in an interview with NASFM news on its operations this year. One thousand three hundred and seventy five persons sustained various degrees on injury from January to November this year. According to the sector Commander, the accident cases included that of tricycle operators in Adamawa state. Next target is public enlightenment by the Federal Road Safety Corps to motorists and tricyclists to avert the menace of accident in the highways. In the yuletide celebrations, the Corps commander advised the public to be cautious not to be victims of accident cases at the season. It could be recalled that Yola to Song, Ganye, Numan among other major highways in Adamawa state has been placed on watch list for reckless driving resulting to roads crashes on daily basis. The situations that worry's transport consultants, hence the need for the combine operations to end the problems that killed and crippled commuters and motorists.

NASFM                              ADHA


Adamawa state House of assembly has read for the first and second time a bill for a law to establish the Office of the Adamawa State Local Government Audit Law, 2021.

The accelerated reading of the bill followed its presentation on the floor of the house by the majority leader Hammantukur Yettisuri of Jada Mbulo constituency.

The bill if considered and passed into law will repeal the Adamawa state audit law number sixteen of twenty sixteen and Adamawa state local audit law number eleven of twenty seventeen.

After considering the importance of the bill majority leader of the house Hammantukur Yettisuri move a motion for the bill to be read and seconded by chairman house committee on local government and Chieftaincy affairs.

Thereafter speaker of the house Aminu Iya Abbas put the motion to that effect into voice vote.

The speaker Iya Abbas directed the chairman house committee on rules, business, ethics and privileges to schedule the bill for resolution in a committee of a hall in the next legislative day.

In a related development the house has also read for the first time a bill for a law to provide for mandatory drugs and other illicit substances testing for applicants for appointments, employments, and admissions in to state public and educational institutions.

The bill which sponsored by the member representing Yola south constituency was presented on the floor of the house during plenary.

Speaker of the house Aminu Iya Abbas who presided over the session directed the chairman house committee on rules, business, ethics and privileges to schedule the bill bill for second reading during any convenient legislative day. 

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8    Dandalin Nishadi        Monday – Friday    7:00 - 8:00PM
9    Daga Taskar Mawallafa      Daily    8:30 - 8:45PM
10    Inda ba Kasa           Monday – Friday    9:00 – 9:30PM
11    Duniyar Mu A Yau     Monday – Friday    10:30 -11-00PM

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10    Mutum da lafiyarsa         Saturday     11:00 – 11:30PM
2    Fulbe e pulaku                 Saturday    2:20 -4:00PM
3    Issues and situation         Saturday    4:00 -5:00PM

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